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Author Topic: Textbook Lessons  (Read 6480 times)


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Textbook Lessons
« on: June 04, 2014, 04:24:33 PM »
Futian District Books
Unit Lessons with target language

First Semester Units: Primary English for China 5

1. My Home 
  Where do you live? I live at/in…flat, block, estate, street.
2. Places Near Home 
  Where’s the…? It’s…. Here’s a … restaurant, post office, supermarket, cinema, clinic, bookshop.
3. My Favourite Things
  What do you have? I have some/many…stamps, soft toys, key rings, badges, IC cards, coins.
4. Fun with Shapes 
  Whose…is this? It’s his/her …circle, square, triangle, star.

5. Review

 6. Our Fashion Show 
  Who’s wearing….S/he’s wearing…socks, jeans, shorts, sweater, trousers, shoes.
7. Weather
  What’s the weather like? Put on/Take off/Don’t forget…sweater, umbrella, raincoat, hat, scarf, coat.
8. Playtime
  What time is it? It’s … o’clock. What’s …doing? S/he’s …ing, badminton, football, table tennis, basketball, volleyball.
9. Christmas
  Merry Christmas! What do you do at Christmas? We…make cards, wrap presents, eat turkey, get/give presents, see Grandpa and Grandma.

10. Review

Second Semester Units: Primary English for China[/left]

1. Our Favourite Subjects 
  What subject does s/he like? S/he likes…. S/he’s good at…maths, science, arts and crafts, PE, English, Chinese, music.
2. Pet Corner
  Does it eat …. Yes, it does/No, it doesn’t. Kitten, puppy, rabbit. It eats… cat food, dog food, milk, water, seeds, fish food, carrot
3. My Day
  I (usually)… at … o’clock. When do you (usually)...go to school, have breakfast/lunch/dinner, go home, do homework, go to bed.
4. Our Lessons   
  What lessons do you have on (Monday) morning/afternoon? At …, we have…. We have… on Monday-Sunday. Timetable 

5. Review

  6. At Home 
  Where are/is…? S/he is in the… bedroom, bathroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, What’s s/he doing? S/he’s … cooking, sleeping, washing.
7. Helping at Home
  How do you help at home? I always/usually/sometimes/never…sweep the floor, wash the dishes, clean a room, set the table, make the bed, water the plants.
8. At the Market
  How much are the …, These …are…yuan a kilo. I want these, May I have …kilos, please? Here you are. What are these/What are those? They’re…leafy vegetables, cabbages, beans, potatoes, onions, tomatoes
9. Planning a Party
  Can you come to my birthday part? When’s your party? It’s on…at…. What do you want to eat/drink? I want to eat/drink…. I can bring… potato chips, biscuits, orange juice, popcorn, lemonade, sweets, coke.

10. Review
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