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Author Topic: Textbook Lessons  (Read 9993 times)


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Textbook Lessons
« on: June 03, 2014, 01:41:44 PM »
Futian District Books
Unit Lessons with target language

First Semester Units (Light Pink Book):

1. Hello   
  Hello! Hi! ...morning, afternoon
2. My Classmates 
  Give me...please...book, ruler, pencil, rubber
3. My Face
  This is my...eye, mouth, face, nose, ear

4. I Can Sing 
  I can...dance, red, sing, draw
5. My Family 
  He's/She's my...grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, me
6. My Friends 
  He's/She's ... fat, thin, tall, short

7. Let's Count 
  How many...one-six
8. Apples, Please
  Apple, pear, peach, orange...please
9. May I have a Pie?
  May I have..., please...hamburger, pizza, cake, pie

10. On the Farm   
  What’s this/that? It’s a …chick, duck, cow, pig.
11. In the Zoo
  Is this/that…? Bear, tiger, monkey, panda
12. In the Park
  What colour is it? It’s…red, blue, yellow, green.

Second Semester Units (Dark Pink Book):

1. Look and See   
  What do you see? I see...frog, rabbit, bee, bird
2. Listen and Hear 
  What do you hear? I hear...sheep, hen, dog, cat
3. Taste and Smell 
  Smell/Taste...rice, soup, egg, noodles

4. Toys I Like 
  I like...ball, doll, bicycle, kite
5. Food I like 
  Do you like...jelly, ice cream, sweet, biscuit
6. Drinks I like 
  What do you like? I like...cola, juice, milk, water

7. Seasons 
  Spring/Summer is...warm, hot
8. Weather
  How is the weather? It's...sunny, cloudy, rainy, windy
9. Clothes
  I need...T-shirt, dress, shorts, blouse

10. Things We Enjoy   
  ride, skip, play, fly
11. New Year’s Day
  Gift, card, firecracker, firework
12. A Boy and a Wolf
  Boy, wolf, farmer

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