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Author Topic: Textbook Lessons  (Read 8222 times)


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Textbook Lessons
« on: June 04, 2014, 02:31:54 PM »
Futian District Books
Unit Lessons with target language

First Semester Units (Light Blue Book)

1. Good Morning 
  Good… morning, afternoon, evening, night.
2. I’m Danny 
  I’m/You’re…boy, girl, big, small.
3. Are you Alice?
  Are you…? Yes/No, I’m …seven eight, nine, ten.

4. Can you swim? 
  Can you…? Run, write, swim, fly
5. That’s my Family 
  Is he/she…young, old?
6. My Hair is Short 
  My/Your … is/are….hair, head

7. In the Playground
  What can you see? I can see…slide, swing, seesaw.
8. In My Room
  Put…in/on…bag, box, desk, chair
9. Dinner is Ready.
  Yes, please. No, thanks. Bowl, plate, spoon, chopsticks

10. In the Sky   
  Can you see…? Sun, moon, star
11. In the Forest
  Look at…fox, hippo, meat, grass
12. In the Street
  Don’t…pick the flowers, climb the tree.

Second Semester Units (Dark Blue Book):

1. What Can You See? 
  What colour are they? They’re white, brown, black.
2.Touch and Feel
  Is it…? Hard, soft
3. Can you hear a train?
  Can you hear…? Train, car, bus ship.

4. Things I Like Doing   
  Do you like (doing)…? Skate, hop
5. Food I like 
  Would you like some…? Salad, fish, chicken, sure, no thanks
6. Animals I like 
  What are they? They’re….giraffe, snake, elephant, zebra.

7. The Four Seasons
  It is…autumn, winter, cool, cold.
8. Traffic Rules
  Look at…It’s… Let’s…stop, go, wait
9. My Clothes
  I have…trousers, sweater, shirt, coat.

10. Activities   
  Play yo-yo, play cards, play football
11. Teacher’s Day
  card, balloon
12. A Girl and Three Bears
  Hungry, thirsty, bread, milk.
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