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Author Topic: Textbook Lessons by Unit and Semester  (Read 5894 times)


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Textbook Lessons by Unit and Semester
« on: June 17, 2014, 01:06:47 PM »
Futian District Books
Unit Lessons with target language

First Semester Units: Primary English for China 7

1. Our Birthdays 
  Ordinal Numbers, Questions-yes/no/Wh: When’s your birthday? It’s on _________. Is your birthday on ________?
Vocab: 1st-31st, months of year

2. Our Holidays 
  Plans: When’s Teacher’s Day? It’s on ___________. What are we going to do? We’re going to ________.
Vocab: Christmas Day, Children’s Day, National Day, Teacher’s Day, sing a song, make a card, draw a picture, write a poem

3. Sports Day
  Going to with S/he: What is s/he going to do? S/he is going to ___________.
Vocab: catch a ball, do the high jump, do the long jump, run in a race, skip, throw a ball

4. A School Outing 
  Possessive Adjectives: Whose___ is this?/are these? It is/they are ______.
Vocab: camera, game, lunchbox, map, money, paper, sunglasses

5. Review

 6. At the Mall 
  Preps: on, above, below, beside, between: Where is/are the ___? It’s on the ground/first/second floor. It’s above/below… the _______.
Vocab: bank, camera shop, fast food restaurant, gift shop, pet shop, toy shop, toilets

7. Eating Out
  Would like contraction, be going to: What would you like? I’d like _______. I’m going to have ________. 
Vocab: Bowl of noodles, cup of tea, glass of juice, hamburger, packet of fries, piece of cake, dumplings

8. Shopping for Food
  Countable/uncountable, any/some, and, but: Do we have any ___? Yes, we have some___ No, we don’t have any ______.  Is there any _____? Yes, there’s some, but not much.
Vocab: bread, butter, coffee, eggs, fired chicken, meat, rice, tofu

9. Chinese New Year?
  be going to: What are you going to do on Chinese New Year? I’m going to ______.
Vocab: buy new clothes, clean the house, eat a big dinner, get lucky money, say “Happy New Year,” visit family and friends

10. Review

Second Semester Units: Primary English for China 8

1. Good Habits 

  Daily Routine: Frequency, Sequence: How often do you _____? What do you do in the morning/afternoon/evening? First, Next, then, after that, I ____.
Vocab: brush my teeth, wash my face, comb my hair, finish my homework, pack my schoolbag, hang up my clothes, once, twice, early, late

2. Good Manners
  Rules, Prohibitions, and Imperatives: You should/n’t ________! Be Polite! Don’t ______!
Vocab: be rude/polite/noisy, throw rubbish on the floor/in the bin, run/walk in the corridors

3. Seasons
  Giving reasons with Because: Where are you from? What’s the weather like there? When do you want to go? I want to go in _______. Why? Because _______.
Vocab: summer, winter, spring, autumn, cool, warm, rain, snow

4. Feeling Sick   
  Asking advice: What’s the matter? What’s wrong with him/her? I/S/he has a _____. You/s/he should ________.
Vocab: have a cold/fever/headache/stomachache, go to a clinic/hospital, have a rest, take some medicine.

5. Review

  6. Plants 
  Simple Future, frequency/descriptive adverbs: What does our plant need? It needs ____. What will happen? It will ____. Will it _____? Yes, it will. No, it won’t.
Vocab: little/lot of light/water, small/large pot, soil, grow quickly/slowly, die

7. Future Living
  Simple Future: There will be ______. Will there be _____? Yes, there will/No, there won’t.
Vocab: DVD Player, DVDs, lamp, radio, telephone, vase, sofa, stairs, upstairs

8. Helping Tourists
  Directions and location: Which bus goes to the ______, please? Bus No ___ goes to the ____. Turn left/right at the ____. Go straight down ___ street. It’s on the left/right.
Vocab: airport, stadium, museum, hotel, temple, train station, left, right.

9. Festival
  Present Tense: Which is your favourite festival? I like ____. Why do you like it? Because ______.
Vocab: Easter, Dragon Boat Festival, Halloween, Christmas, Chinese New Year, eat chocolate, eggs, watch boat races, go “trick-or-treat,” get presents, get lucky money.

10. Review
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